Restorative dentistry is all about helping our patients who have lost some functionality in their mouths (through damage or decay) or are suffering a lot of pain. Windham Family Dental offers a range of services that can restore your mouth to working order and eliminate any pain you may be feeling.

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When Do You Need Restorative Procedures?

There are many reasons we may recommend one or more of these procedures. You may be a candidate for them if you need to:

  • Replace missing teeth
  • Close any gaps in your teeth
  • Repair chips and cracks
  • Reshape your teeth
  • Straighten misaligned teeth
  • Treat cavities and infections
  • Address periodontal concerns

Which Treatments Do You Need?

We can address all of those concerns with a wide range of restorative services. At Windham Family Dental, we are committed to helping you keep stay healthy and returning your mouth to full functionality.

In all of our services, we only use the best dental materials that are available. With our state-of-the-art technology, we can deliver great results in a comfortable environment.

Depending on your situation, we may recommend:

  • Tooth-colored fillings – Repair cavities without using unsightly silver fillings
  • Dental implants – This is the preferred way to replace missing teeth.
  • Bridges – If an implant isn’t possible, this may be the best option.
  • Crowns and veneers – You can address small or significant flaws in your enamel.
  • Dentures – Modern dentures are an effective way to replace multiple teeth

Full Mouth Reconstructions

In some extreme cases, you may require a full mouth reconstruction. This is usually done after major trauma has significantly impacted your ability to speak and eat, and it involves a combination of our restorative services.

We’ll work with you to explain all your options for restorative dentistry so we can determine the best plan for your dental health together.

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Types of Restorative Dentistry


    This may include replacing missing teeth, closing any gaps, repairing chips and cracks. or reshaping teeth.


    This is for patients who may need extensive work performed in their mouth. We would do the majority of procedures in one sitting to minimize pain and time.

Benefits of Restorative Dentistry


    You’ll be able to smile brighter, and more confidently once you have replaced missing teeth, and repaired any damage


    Along with repairing teeth, you’ll also be living a more pain free lifestyle. Your mouth can feel healthy again!